Get Immediate Medical Attention For Shoulder Injuries

Matthew Powell

Unfortunately in life, there are accidents.  Some are simple slips that lead to very little injury.  Others are more serious and can land a person in the ER for a few hours.  Then, there are the most severe Tampa auto accidents, which can be fatal tragedies.  Somewhere in the middle, there are those who suffer shoulder injuries, which are serious, though not life threatening.

Of those who suffer from dislocations of this nature, 70 percent are males and 50 percent are between the ages of 15 and 29.  Nearly all shoulder dislocations are due to traumatic injury and half relate to athletic play.  That’s probably not a surprising statistic, but what many don’t understand is that shoulder injuries don’t have to occur in the rough and rugged competitions of schools and professional teams.  About 50 percent of shoulder dislocations happen at home, including those during silly backyard pick-up games.  Just 35 percent are actually on an athletic field or court.

Due to the statistics, which suggest that the most at-risk are those in the youngest generation – who will also be highly likely to suffer repeat dislocations (90 percent will) – many doctors overlook related injuries in the older population.  Younger patients are treated more readily because it is such a common concern for their age group.  However, while dislocation is more common in young adults, rotator cuff tears are seen far more often at advanced ages.  This is due to the fact that tissue weakens with age.  Twenty percent of rotator cuff tears occur in patients 60 years or older, and they are commonly overlooked because they are not as easily noted as other types of shoulder injury.

With people staying active for longer these days, there is more susceptibility to such injuries and doctors must be aware of the common problem, ruling it out before giving a clean bill of health after an accident.

On the other hand, these patients must be more open to accepting the best possible treatments.  At times that means surgery, which many older patients refuse.  In order to prevent recurring problems, patients should stretch regularly to maintain proper flexibility, educate themselves on fall prevention, should not wait to get proper treatment, should be adamant in explaining the pain, and must follow outlined physical therapy after an accident.

The treatment plan may be time-consuming and costly, but worth the investment if it properly protects against future complications. A personal injury attorney can help you collect damages to cover the associated expenses if the accident was the fault of another person or business.

Matthew Powell

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