Better Biking: Tips for Motorcycle Safety

There is a trend occurring throughout the United States as more and more travelers take to the road on two wheels instead of four.  Higher gas prices have led more people to consider motorcycles as a primary form of transportation.  With a tendency to go much further on a gallon of gas, there is little wonder why so many have looked to them.  Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle presents an entirely different set of challenges than driving other types of motor vehicles.  So, if you are going to join the masses taking to two wheels, then you may want to consider the following tips, so you can avoid problems on the road.

Regular Check-Ups. Just as your body requires regular check-ups to continue operating efficiently, so does your bike.  Check the components of the bike as often as possible.  This includes the tires, lights, fluid levels, and gauges.  Be sure that your motorcycle is up to the challenge of taking you from point A to point B safely.

Dress Smart. Protect your body as much as possible whenever riding a bike, because even the most experienced riders are not invincible to accidents.  It is wise to wear a leather jacket and pants.  Not only do they look the part, they also help to protect your body should you fall (or be knocked) from your motorcycle on the road.  If it’s too hot for leather, at least choose pants, long sleeves, a helmet, boots, gloves, and eye protection.  The experts also advise reflective strips on your clothing when riding at night, so other vehicles are sure to spot you.

Ride Smart. Stay in your own lane and keep space between you and other drivers at all times. Always signal lane changes, turns, and other maneuvers to give fellow drivers warning.  It is also wise to come to a stop slowly, flashing brake lights to avoid accidental crashes.

Gain Experience.  Don’t hit the roads with the heaviest traffic or tightest bends before practicing on your bike for a while.  It’s better to ride on easily navigated roads for a while, before taking to the highway.  Experience can help you get in and out of sticky situations without incident.

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