There are an estimated 150,000 people in the United States who have Parkinson’s Disease after being exposed to Paraquat®

The common and long term use of Paraquat® has been linked to causing Parkinson’s Disease. And it is estimated that many farm workers have or will develop Parkinson’s Disease caused by their use and exposure of the toxic herbicide Paraquat®.

Checklist of Indicators that a person or family may have a claim against the manufacturers of Paraquat®:

If you suspect you or a loved one has been exposed to Paraquat® the questions we need to know are:

  • When was the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease?
  • Was it 2 years or later after the exposure to Paraquat®?
  • How was the person exposed to Paraquat®? Directly, as a worker, or Indirectly, as a bystander?
  • How many days (not in a row) was the person exposed to Paraquat®? If more than 20 days, then the evidence will be, that more likely than not, the Paraquat® was the cause of Parkinson’s Disease.

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Parkinson’s Disease is Linked to the toxic herbicide Paraquat®

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Paraquat® is banned in Switzerland, China and the European Union.

However, it is still widely used in the United States.

Paraquat® has affected Farmers, Agricultural Workers, and people living and working near farms.

There are two forms of exposure. First is direct exposure. This is where workers are using Paraquat® products and they are transporting, mixing, spraying or just working with Paraquat®.
The second form of exposure is indirect exposure. These people come into contact with Paraquat® after the chemical has been sprayed. The most common exposure is overspray, and wind carrying Paraquat® through the air and it is inhaled.

Common Brand Names of Paraquat® and their bottles, and or labels:








Para-SHOT 3.0®

Paraquat 3 SL (Tigris)®

Paraquat 43.2% SL (RedEagle)®

Paraquat Concentrate (Solera)®


Purgatory 3 SL®


Willowood Paraquat 3SL®