Farm Animal Accidents: What You Should Know

cow-face-close-up-1434067-mMany times on this blog we have discussed various types of Tampa auto accidents: these include motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer collisions, bus mishaps, and, of course, crashes involving the traditional passenger vehicle. We’ve also mentioned many different types of victims and the injuries they might suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence. However, there is one subset of the vehicle population that we have not mentioned as yet, as well as one type of victim which hasn’t yet been mentioned yet either.  This subset involves farm animal accidents.

There are 40 accidents per year on average — as compared to the thousands of car accidents – involving animal transportation vehicles that can also account for the loss of many lives. They can represent serious financial devastation for anyone involved.  This is in addition to the fact that these accidents can cause havoc when frightened animals are freed from overturned trucks.

On the other hand, even when not in transportation, farm animals can be responsible for a devastating number of serious crashes. Any animal who wanders into the road can cause a driver to make a snap decision that lands him and/or others in the vehicle in serious condition. Much like owners of dogs are responsible for the actions of their pets, so too are farmers considered negligent when their livestock is the cause of roadway accidents.

What should you do, if you are involved in an accident like this?

Farmers. If your animal causes an accident, do your best to determine the reason for the animal escaping.  If a faulty electric fence is to blame, for instance, you might have a claim against the manufacturer.  If your animals are killed in transport, you should be insured for your losses.  However, it is always a good idea to speak to a personal injury attorney before discussing the case with the insurance company.

Accident Victim. Call your personal injury attorney to discuss the facts of the case.  He or she can help you to determine who is negligent in the case and who should be held liable for any losses suffered.



Motorcycle Accident Kills Ex-Marine

motorcicles-791104-mAn article on about the recent motorcycle accident that took the life of a former U.S. Marine really hit close to home for many Florida residents.  The author of the article didn’t just state the facts of the accident but also included many quotes from family members about the man who was killed.  Those little stories and anecdotes painted the picture of who Richard Housand really was – they made him a real person for those reading the story.

That points to the biggest tragedy of any Tampa auto accident: unless the victims are known personally, many people will flip right past the story.  The news is so inundated with stories of crashes and collisions, which leave people dead or maimed, that people become almost immune to the news.  Very likely this is a defense mechanism that we have developed in order to avoid the depression that would surely come if we felt too greatly for every victim who was hurt or killed in an accident.

That is the hardest part about being a personal injury attorney – it keeps us at the heart of the problem.  We meet the families, we hear the tragic stories, and we do our best to provide comfort as tears flow.  Whenever someone is seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle crash, others are left to grieve the loss.

It is important, as a driver, and for us as personal injury attorneys, to remember that these are real people involved in these accidents and that they have friends, families, and personality quirks just like the rest of us.  Their lives should not be lost in vain.  We should learn from the crashes that claim lives, so we can avoid the same fate.

In this instance, the former Marine was riding his motorcycle and was cut off by an SUV.  The driver of the other vehicle didn’t see the biker until it was too late.  Housand was hit hard and knocked from the motorcycle.  Though emergency crews attempted to revive him, the injuries were too severe.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  This shows, once again, how absolutely essential it is to be aware of your surroundings whenever you are behind the wheel.

How Pharmacy Errors Can Impact Your Life

pills--tablets-1-689648-mQuite frequently on this blog, and across various news outlets, there has been talk of medical malpractice.  People aren’t overly surprised to learn that doctors make mistakes.  Nor are they entirely shocked to learn that those mistakes can be detrimental to the health of patients.  In fact, a surgeon who slips up during surgery, for instance, can take a life.  However, those working behind the counters of pharmacies are just as prone to human error as doctors and nurses.  A misstep in this line of work can result in a person swallowing the wrong pill.  Pharmacy errors can lead to serious medical complications and the need for a personal injury attorney.

Many people have been hospitalized in the past as a result of receiving the wrong type- or dosage of medication from the pharmacy.  Pharmacists are also supposed to watch for drug interactions, denying the prescriptions of two drugs that won’t “play nice” together in the body.  Some drug interactions are so serious that they can be fatal.

The average person relies heavily on the pharmacist, as many medications have generic versions with names that differ from the prescribed brand.  As such, one will often just accept that the bottle received is the medication ordered, without actually checking on it.

Unfortunately, there are many medications that look a lot alike.  All it would take is the pharmacist grabbing the wrong container, or counting out a number of similarly colored pills.  Pharmacy errors can have serious consequences.

There are ways to ensure that you are receiving the right thing from the pharmacist.  Asking is the first precautionary step.  If the medication is not double-checked before being handed to you, ask that someone does so.  When you get home, search the medication name on the bottle to determine that it is, in fact, used to treat the diagnosed condition.  You can also look closely at the inscription on the pill.  Medications are usually marked for identification purposes.  Compare this to the bottle.  Somewhere on the prescription container, you should find that same number or letter combination.  Finally, trust your instincts.  If you notice that you don’t feel right when taking the medication, speak to your physician or pharmacist about it.  In this way, you can have them double-check the prescription you were given.

Rape: Far Too Common In University Headlines

college-campus-1385162-mThis is a topic that many people shy away from, wanting to believe that the young people in their lives will remain immune to it.  However, if there is anything that the news headlines have taught us over the past few years, it is that rape can and does occur in all walks of life.

Though we have seen a lot of reports regarding celebrities taking advantage of their prestigious place in the world, it is on college campuses that the problem of rape has run rampant. Again, there is news of young men ganging up on a young woman.  This time, the news comes straight from the courts, where four former Vanderbilt football players await their legal fates.  Now, past teammates are speaking up, admitting that they knew that the attack was happening, but were too scared to react.

Despite the “not guilty” pleas of the young men, the evidence continues to build up against them.  According to the testimony of several students, a young, 21-year-old woman was unconscious in the male dorm, where she was sexually abused by the four young men, before her still-unconscious body was dumped in the hallway.  One student went on to say that one of the accused men was handing out condoms and suggesting that others “take advantage of the situation.”

Rape is an ugly crime that leaves its victims feeling helpless and fearful.  It should not be overlooked and if you should see some evidence that it is occurring, or has occurred, you should not make the same mistake as many Vanderbilt students did that day.  Call the authorities, get help, and ensure that another life is not damaged by sexual assault.

As a victim, you have the right to seek legal assistance as well.  A personal injury attorney can help you make sure that the offenders do not go on to rape others.

Florida: A Bad State for Car Accidents

stopped-in-time-902437-mThere has been a lot of recent news regarding the state of Florida and how people suffer in car accidents as a result of various insurance regulations.  The concern is tied to the fact that Florida has relatively lenient insurance laws compared to other states.  The minimum insurance requirements are rarely enough to cover the costs of an at-fault accident.  That leaves victims in a bad place.  When damage has been done to a newer vehicle, and continued medical care is necessary, the insurance coverage will do little to ease the financial burden.  Worse yet, there are far too many Florida drivers who fail to carry even the minimum insurance coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured drivers are a big danger and can cost hardworking families serious financial hardship after an accident.  Those involved in a Tampa auto accident will very likely face such a scenario when a driver, having made a poor decision on the road, causes a crash but has too little insurance coverage to pay for the related costs.  Furthermore, the weak economy and vast number of drivers who are out of work increases the likelihood that a person will be unable to foot any of the expenses out-of-pocket, even if losing a personal injury lawsuit.

It is really important to speak to a personal injury attorney about your car accident to determine if there is another source of financial compensation available.  Insurance companies may be unwilling to pay out the full amount owed and might try to undercut you as a car accident victim.  Furthermore, some drivers are backed by their companies, for instance.  An attorney will have the knowledge needed to pursue these avenues. It might be your only way to receive enough compensation to cover your losses should you be involved in a crash with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

The Most Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

hospital-hand-1100587-mOne wants to believe that, when feeling his or her worst, it is safe to put faith in the hands of the doctors and medical practitioners trained to diagnose and treat.  In many cases, that is the truth.  Those who have spent many years studying and practicing medicine are well-equipped to provide the necessary treatment.  However, there are cases – many of them, in fact, every year – that prove doctors are only human, and they are no more adept at avoiding mistakes than the rest of us.

There are countless ways that a doctor could err which would result in a condition getting worse, being compounded, or resulting in permanent life alterations.  Some of those mistakes are more common than others.

Misdiagnosis. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that doctors make mistakes with diagnoses.  Many conditions have overlapping symptoms.  A situation can occur where there is no known way to test and be sure that the diagnosis is correct.  The medical community, and the courts, allow for some level of error in this realm, as long as the doctor is using due diligence to determine the cause of the symptoms.  Negligence, in this area, occurs when a doctor acts outside of the accepted norm.

Anesthesia and Surgery. These are terrifying experiences for most individuals, and much of that fear is based on the fact that those performing the tasks are only human.  They can have bad days.  Their minds can be distracted by some aspect of their personal lives.  They can make mistakes, which are very costly in such scenarios.  Errors with the administration of anesthesia can be fatal, as can errors when operating within the body.

Baby Delivery. These can be very high stress situations that come after endless hours of pain and exhaustion.  In many instances, a doctor will have a very narrow window to make very monumental decisions.  The wrong one can lead to a mother or child suffering immensely. Birth defects can cause a lifetime of trial and tribulation.  They can rob a child of quality of life, or put a premature end to it.

It is important to speak with a personal injury attorney if you suspect that medical malpractice was the cause of your suffering, or for the loss of your loved one.  There is a lot at play in cases like this.  Legal knowledge and experience are needed.


Most Auto Accidents Occur Within Five Miles of Home: True?

large-apartment-skyscraper-1350210-mCould it possibly be that a person is more likely to suffer a fatal blow on the roads just a few minutes from home, as opposed to seeing more auto accidents while on a long trip?  Doesn’t it seem that road trips are far more fraught with car issues than the regular trip to work?

Despite what you might think, this is fact. The evidence was presented by a leading car insurance company in 2001, when it was discovered that of the 11,000 car crashes studied, 52 percent occurred within a five-mile radius of the victims’ homes.  In fact, more than three-quarters of those crashes were within 15 miles of the home base.

If one really stops to think about it, this trend does make sense.  There are a number of reasons why this shouldn’t come as much of a shock.  Consider these three:

  1. We Do Most Of Our Driving Near Home. Of course, as a Florida resident, you are more likely to be involved in a Tampa auto accident than one taking place elsewhere. The majority of the driving that you do will very likely occur within a short distance from your home.
  2. Many Drivers Get Lazy. The more familiar we are with the roads that we travel, the less vigilant we will be. It is part of human nature to fall into a routine.  It can be easy to fall into a sort of driver’s lull when travelling extremely familiar roads, which puts you at an increased risk of colliding with a sudden or unexpected obstacle.
  3. A Large Percentage of Drivers Live in Congested Areas. The greater the level of traffic, the more likely it is that a crash will occur. It makes sense that a person would suffer an accident when commuting through the city rush, as opposed to having such a collision once beyond the chaotic traffic patterns.

The Cost of Chronic Pain

hospital-room-449234-mEach year, as a result of slips and falls, poor work conditions, or a Tampa auto accident, millions of Americans suffer injuries that lead to chronic back or neck pain.  Constant discomfort is a reality for far too many people.  Worse yet, the costs associated with the continued care needed to combat the pain are astronomical.

An individual, even one who has decent health care insurance, can struggle to keep up with mounting medical bills when suffering with chronic pain. In 2008, WebMD reported that the United States spends approximately $86 billion on back and neck pain each year.  How much of that trickles down to the person who was side-swiped in an accident, or who fell from a ladder on the jobsite?  Thousands of dollars.  And, although insurance foots a large part of the bill for many patients, with each payout that those companies distribute, the more likely it is that premiums will continue to climb.

“Researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle, found that the nation’s dramatic rise in expenditures for the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck problems has not led to expected improvements in patient health.”

This quote was taken from the same 2008 article, and things have not improved since then.  Over and over again, we see headlines regarding failed back surgeries. reported that the average cost of lumbar fusion surgery is $90,000.  As well, other medical sources report that as many as 74 percent of those surgeries will be ineffective or will make the symptoms worse.

If you or a loved one is among those suffering with chronic back or neck pain, and this was caused by the negligence of another person or business entity, speak to a personal injury attorney.  The costs can accumulate quickly and you may be able to collect compensation.  You shouldn’t have to pay for another person’s mistake.

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia After a Tampa Auto Accident?

wrist-pain-1445345-3-mWhen it comes to chronic pain after an auto accident, most people will imagine a sore back or an achy neck as a result of being tossed about.  However, the discomfort can stretch much further than that.

Doctors are still learning a lot about the condition known as Fibromyalgia, but one thing is certain – people are suffering as a result of it.  The chronic, widespread pain associated with the diagnosis can make life very difficult.  Though it isn’t fully understood, it is far from being a rare condition.  Recent statistics suggest that as many as 6.3 million Americans suffer with it.

Essentially, this condition causes the nerves in the body to react in abnormal ways.  Pain messages are sent to the brain in great abundance and for no clear reason.  Serotonin is the chemical that is meant to receive, process, and respond to these signals.  However, there is so much “incoming traffic” that the serotonin simply cannot keep up.  The result in an overwhelming feeling of all-over pain.

Unfortunately, this condition can be spurred by traumatic injury.  For some reason, that devastating impact can leave the body unable to control the pain signals being sent to the brain – even after recovery.  The symptoms can begin to cycle in an unpredictable fashion.  Essentially, hormones in the body are thrown out of whack. The constant ebb and flow results in periods of intense discomfort, followed by relatively normal days.

Because the condition is essentially invisible, it has earned a bad reputation among those who have not experienced it or seen its effects first-hand.  The condition can cost people their livelihoods, relationships, and sense of satisfaction.

When an auto accident that led to the diagnosis is the result of another person’s or entity’s negligence, the victim does have the right to seek the representation of a personal injury attorney. It may be possible to collect compensation to cover ongoing medical care and lost wages.


Who Pays for Airplane Accidents?

aircraft-landing-1444411-mTo some it would seem that there have been far more airplane accidents in recent years than during previous time periods.  While it is true that there has been a lot of devastating coverage of lives lost related to the aviation industry in recent years, this isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon.  In truth, planes have been going down for as long as they have been flying, and that means that lives have been lost, medical bills have soared, and property loss has been substantial.

As early as 1996, the New York Times ran an article discussing this issue, in which it reported that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had requested that an airline volunteer to set aside a whopping five million dollars toward a crash, even before lawsuits were filed and clean-ups were complete.  Though it sounds like a large number, the truth is that monetary losses experienced as a result of large airplanes crashing can easily reach ten times that number.

While some of the circumstances that lead to these crashes would be difficult to overcome, to say the least, in some instances, there is clear-cut negligence at play.  Pilots who make poor decisions can take the lives of hundreds of passengers.  There are tracking devices on planes today, a well-trained staff, and ample safety equipment, but that cannot always prevent human error.  That sort of error can have devastating consequences at 30,000 feet.  It’s not always the pilot at fault, either.  It could be faulty construction of the plane, a poorly equipped ground crew, overlooked repair needs, poor decisions on the part of those reading weather patterns, or any one of many other variables at play that can cause a plane to go down.

For the individuals aboard, and their family members, these crashes can be life-altering.  It is the right of the victims involved to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney, who can help determine where negligence lies, so compensation can be sought to help afford the medical expenses, lost wages, and other associated costs that follow in the aftermath of such tragedies.