Richard Pfaff Client Testimonial

Thank you for all your work, on my behalf. Looking back, I am so glad I changed attorneys. My prior attorney, informed me to expect a huge fight with the BI carrier to accept any responsibility. Not to mention the other issues that never happened. Your team made everything flow smooth. I did not see that coming. Please congratulate and thank the entire team for a job well done.

– Quotes from Richard Pfaff

Karen M. Client Testimonial Video

Karen M. Client Testimonial

We selected Matt Powell because he had expertise. He was also successful in going after insurance companies. I had confidence that ultimately we would be successful. They ended up giving me virtually everything that Matt demanded.

– Quote from Karen M

Dannette Griffith Thanks the Jurors from her Trial

I’d like to share with you what the jury found in my favor… Thank you jury. I appreciate all of your efforts and help. Thank you and may God bless you all.

– Quotes from Dannette Griffith

Dannette Griffith’s Jury Verdict

Check from Jury Verdict in Dannette Griffith’s Trial

Thank You Note from Client Dannette Griffith’s Mother

Your presentation and organization was complete, orderly and timely. Rebuttals were poignant, accurate, and decisive. Your amount of effort was commendable… Without you our family and my daughter’s future was looking pretty bleak. She has endured so much! Life will be better for her now. Thanks so much.

– Quotes from Sandra Griffith, Client’s Mother

Mike Logan Client Testimonial

Matt Powell guided my wife and I through a very complicated personal injury case and because of his expertise we were able to double the amount of claim we were originally going to ask for. Matt is a truly fine lawyer and I recommend that if you have a personal injury case you must talk to Matt before you talk to the insurance companies. He is the best!

– Review from Mike Logan

Darlene Spencer Client Testimonial

I feel that thank you is just not enough. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Being in my senior years and on a very fixed income, this is a miracle. I had to go through surgery and pain, but this was a light at the end of the tunnel… Again thank you so much.

– Quotes from Darlene Spencer

Thank You Note from Client Leona Fuss

Dear Matt, I want to thank you for your belief in my details of the accident. Thank you for all your help.

– Quotes from Leona Fuss