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How to Report Elder Abuse in Florida: A Step-by-Step Guide

What are the steps in reporting suspected elder abuse? Read on to learn more. Elder abuse is a serious and often under reported issue that affects many older adults in Florida. According to the Office for Victims of Crime, about 10% of people over 70 will have experienced some form of abuse this year. This …

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Florida Brain Injury Lawyer Answers 10 Common Questions about Brain Injury

Brain injury claims are a special type of personal injury case. Recovering compensation for brain injury victims requires a deep understanding of the multiple ways a traumatic brain injury (or “TBI”) can affect their quality of life. Given the challenges of this type of injury, not every personal injury lawyer is qualified to help brain …

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Common Questions for a Florida Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Cerebral Palsy is not a disease; it is a condition caused most often by medical personnel not providing adequate care to a patient. Cerebral Palsy is not genetic, not bacterial, and not a virus. It is likely the most overlooked type of medical malpractice case. Cerebral, which means Cerebellum, or the brain; Palsy means paralysis, …

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Nursing Home Abuse: Learn the Facts, Recognize the Signs

When their elderly loved ones need expert care, many families turn to nursing homes. Competent nursing homes offer not just housing but also medical assistance, camaraderie, and the respect our elderly loved ones deserve. Many nursing homes are held to similar standards of care as hospitals and other inpatient medical facilities. As more “Baby Boomers” …

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How to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect a nursing home of abusing or neglecting your elderly family member, you may need a nursing home abuse lawyer. When a nursing home facility fails to care for its residents, your loved one may be exposed to nursing home abuse. MattLaw has outlined several signs of nursing home abuse; not all cases …

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Neonatal Sepsis: Know The Signs

Speak to a Sepsis Lawyer Now Neonatal sepsis is a serious medical condition that poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of newborn infants. Sepsis is usually caused by a bacterial infection that affects the entire system. Bacteria, viruses, or fungi, sepsis can spread quickly through a baby’s bloodstream and cause serious issues …

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7 Signs of Sepsis You Should Never Ignore

Sepsis is a life-threatening medical condition that arises when the body’s response to infection becomes dysregulated. The type of infection can be bacterial, viral, or fungal. It may originate in various parts of the body, such as the lungs, urinary tract, or abdomen. Called “the silent killer,” sepsis can progress rapidly, leading to severe complications …

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STUDY: Traumatic Brain Injuries Linked to Brain Cancer Risk

The heightened risk of brain cancer should be factored into future medical costs for moderate-to-severe TBI survivors. A 2024 cohort study found that some types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are correlated with brain cancer risk. A review of the medical data from 1.9 million veterans showed moderate to severe TBIs to be positively correlated …

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The 5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Has a loved one experienced nursing home abuse, or elder abuse at the hands of a caregiver? This blog will teach you how to: Placing a parent or a loved one in a nursing home is not a decision made lightly. In entrusting someone to look after our parents or aging loved ones, we expect …

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How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident (The Real Story)

doctors standing next to each other for how to find a doctor after a car accident post

This is a guide on how to find a doctor after a car accident.

If you are injured and need to see a doctor, there are a few things that you need to know.

It’s important to go to the right injury doctors and even MORE important to avoid the wrong doctors.