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    MattLaw™ is a firm of Tampa personal injury lawyers led by Matt Powell who has protected thousands of injured victims and their families for over 27 years. Matt Powell is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who has been representing people in cases involving catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, automobile crashes, brain injuries, defective products, rape, motorcycle crashes, negligent security, and many other types of cases.

    About Matt Powell

    Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the Florida Bar

    Matt Powell first practiced law with a prominent insurance defense firm in Tallahassee, Florida. The firm represented over 20 insurance companies and defended negligent drivers and doctors. During that time, Matt learned the methods, techniques and strategies that insurance companies use to reduce the amount of money they pay to people and families who have been injured or killed in accidents or by neglect. After learning these methods and techniques, he decided to stop representing insurance companies and opened his own practice in Tampa in 1989.

    About Personal Injury Cases

    Learn About the Process of Personal Injury Cases

    How Much is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

    An Easy Explanation on How Much Your Personal Injury Case is Worth. There are three important factors that determine the value of your personal injury claim. I like to compare the three factors to a three-legged stool: if any one of the three legs is missing, you don’t have a stool. Accident injury cases are the same way.

    The Three Factors of Accident Claims:

    The three factors that establish how much your personal injury claim is worth are liability, damages, and insurance coverage. Big insurance coverage doesn’t mean you have a big claim. The extent of your injuries and damages are equally as important, just like the leg of a stool.

    Want the Real Story?

    Learn about the three factors and much more about your personal injury case by reading my article and watching my video. Click Here to find out what happens if you are partially at fault for an accident or if a driver that hit you has no insurance. You can also call us at 1-844-MATTLAW to speak with experienced Tampa personal injury lawyers for free.

    How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters:

    A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters to Protect You and Your Families Rights. After an accident, you will hear from insurance adjusters. It’s extremely important to know which insurance company the adjuster works for.

    Beware of Recorded Statements

    You do not under any circumstances have to give the other party’s insurance company a recorded statement. I tell my clients to avoid them because recorded statements are used to misconstrue anything you say in the insurance companies’ favor. Adjusters will try to make you admit the accident was partially your fault.

    Beware of Signing Documents.

    Adjusters will ask you to sign releases and medical authorizations. I strongly recommend you not sign anything until speaking with experienced Tampa personal injury lawyers first. If you would like to learn more about how to deal with insurance adjusters after an accident, Click Here to Read the Entire Guide.

    How to Choose Good Injury Doctors:

    Why Choosing the Right Doctors to Treat Your Injuries is Extremely Important. If you are injured after an accident, you need to see the right doctors and avoid the wrong doctors. Try to find a doctor who specializes in treating your specific type of injury.

    Don't Rely on Your Primary Care Doctor

    Yes, your primary care doctor is probably a great doctor. However, they are usually not specialized  in accident injuries. You need doctors who understand the personal injury aspects of treatment. Doctors who treat accident victims understand how important keeping detailed medical records are for their patients.

    Avoid Doctors from Legal Referral Services.

    All they specialize in is using up all of your insurance benefits and not treating your injuries. Avoid legal referral services like 411 Pain and Ask Gary because they will not help you, only hurt your ability to recover from your injuries. Read a more in-depth explanation on how to choose the best injury doctors by Clicking Here.

    How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

    A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers for your Specific Case. Learn 12 questions you should ask an attorney before hiring them. Before you hire a personal injury attorney, make sure they are experienced in the type of case you have and devotes most of their practice to that area of law.

    Avoid Lawyers Who Don't Focus on Personal Injury Law

    There are a lot of lawyers who claim to be personal injury attorneys when in reality, they have little or no experience in filing lawsuits and going all the way to trial. Too many big law firms advertise only to sign up a large volume of cases and settle them for much less than they are worth. When they can’t settle your case, they refer it to another lawyer to do the hard work.

    Beware of Big Advertising Personal Injury Firms

    So often, I receive calls from people and pick up dropped cases from large firms that didn’t want to fight for their clients. The most frequent thing I hear from people who hired other attorneys before calling me say, “I wish I had hired you first.” Click Here to Read my full article and watch a video to learn more about how to choose the best Tampa personal injury lawyers for your case.

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    Client Testimonials

    Quotes from Clients MattLaw Represented
    “Matt Powell guided my wife and I through a very complicated personal injury case and because of his expertise we were able to double the amount of claim… Matt is a truly fine lawyer and I recommend that if you have a personal injury case you must talk to Matt before you talk to the insurance companies. He is the best!”
    – Testimonial from Client Mike Logan
    “I feel that thank you is just not enough. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Being in my senior years and on a very fixed income, this is a miracle. I had to go through surgery and pain, but this was a light at the end of the tunnel… Again thank you so much.”
    – Testimonial from Client Darlene Spencer
    “Your presentation and organization was complete, orderly and timely. Rebuttals were poignant, accurate, and decisive. Your amount of effort was commendable… Without you our family and my daughter’s future was looking pretty bleak. She has endured so much! Life will be better for her now. Thanks so much.”
    – Testimonial from Client's Mother Sandra Griffith