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    My name is Anita Asia DiGiacomo and I am happy to be an attorney at the Tampa personal injury law firm, Powell & Espat. Although I was born in the Philippines, I’m proud to be a United States citizen. I’ve lived in the Phillippines, New York, Saipan, and am now happy to call Tampa my home. I graduated from Florida State University in 2008, then continued on to graduate from Barry law School in 2012, which is also when I passed the Florida Bar and began practicing law.

    I enjoyed law school and earned recognition through awards for my scholarly achievements. I have found my passion in law, and that passion is representing people and families who have suffered a loss caused by the negligence of others. Through my legal training and deep appreciation for our legal system, I have found that our jury system, although not perfect is the best system in the world to protect our rights. I have a keen interest in medicine which helps me more fully understand the complicated issues in most injury cases. With my undergraduate training in psychology, I have learned many skills to help me be a better communicator, which serves my clients interests.

    I am proud to help my clients at Powell & Espat and I fight to obtain just compensation they deserve, while strictly adhering to my professional responsibilities as an attorney and officer of the court.


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