Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Hiring an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Immediately

    Hiring a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial to protecting your legal rights after a crash. Keep in mind, if you hire MattLaw to assist you in your motorcycle accident claim, we only get paid when we make a recovery for you. Since our fee is a contingency fee, it does not cost extra to hire us sooner rather than later. Your delay in hiring a lawyer can lead to the loss of critical evidence at the scene such as skid marks, debris, damage to the vehicles, the testimony of witnesses, and other important evidence.

    Please don’t rely on the police at the scene to get all of the necessary evidence you will need. Your motorcycle accident lawyer should hire an accident reconstruction expert immediately to analyze the scene and the vehicles involved. They should also obtain the vehicle’s black box to determine the car’s speed before the vehicle is destroyed or sold by the insurance company as salvage. The car or truck driver’s insurance company often retains accident reconstruction experts as soon as they are notified. You need one as well to have the same evidence as the insurance company because they probably won’t turn over all of the evidence. Without immediate accident engineering evidence, you are at a serious disadvantage to making a fair and full recovery for your losses. If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, you should hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. Waiting to hire a lawyer can often be devastating to your claim.

    Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Failing to see a motorcycle is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. The saying “Look twice, save a life,” works. Motorcycle accidents are caused by driver’s who are not paying attention, driver’s who turn or pull out of a street when they never saw the motorcycle. Because motorcycles are much smaller than cars, many drivers fail to recognize that motorcycles are much closer to them than they think. Or they do not appreciate the speed of the motorcycle coming towards them and pull out in front of them, causing a crash. The most common motorcycle crash is when a motorcycle is going straight and a car makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle. Unfortunately, on today’s roads, you just have to see it coming and always anticipate that other drivers can’t see you. Watch the featured video by experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, Matt Powell, to learn how to ride more safely on the busy roads in Florida.

    Motorcycle Braking in a Turn

    How to Brake Safely while Turning on a Motorcycle

    Emergency Braking on a Motorcycle

    How to Brake as Quickly and Safely as Possible on a Motorcycle


    Free Motorcycle Accident Guide

    Written by Experienced Motorcycle Lawyer, Matt Powell

    Download your free copy of MattLaw’s Motorcycle Accident Guide to learn more about how to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer immediately is crucial. Use this guide to help you or a loved one if in a motorcycle accident. If you have any questions or would like to speak with an experienced Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer, Matt Powell would be glad to speak with you at 1-844-MATTLAW.

    Follow these Steps after a Crash

    What should you do after a motorcycle crash? Escape Immediate Danger: The scene of a motorcycle accident is a dangerous one, since nearly 62% of wrecks involve fuel leaks and spills. Therefore, your first step should be to distance yourself from any fire hazard. Get away from any other vehicular traffic.

    1. Get Medical Care: If you are injured in the motorcycle crash, you should be taken to an emergency room for prompt medical care. Head and chest injuries are among the primary causes of death in motorcycle accidents, so you should undergo examination by doctors and obtain necessary diagnostic tests (like x-rays and MRIs) without delay.
    2. Report the Accident: Unless you are transported from the scene by ambulance, call the police and report the crash. A police report will document the facts of the wreck and will identify the parties involved, along with any witnesses. All too often, a motorcycle accident is blamed on the rider of the bike, which makes it critical that you protect yourself early on
    3. Call an experienced Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer: Call Matt Powell, an experienced Civil Trial Attorney, and experienced Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer.