When Selecting Your Car Accident Injury Lawyer Experience Matters
Hire the Best Personal Injury Attorney For Your Car Accident Injury Case

Experience is important for attorneys handling personal injury cases in Tampa, Florida, and Matt Powell is a personal injury lawyer with over three decades of experience. His extensive knowledge of medicine, science, communication, and civil procedure allows him to handle cases efficiently and effectively. Matt Powell has a reputation for trying cases and recovering more than the policy limits, which can lead to insurance companies offering fair compensation more quickly. Carefully selecting the right lawyer, such as Matt Powell, can be crucial for obtaining a fair recovery for injuries in Tampa, Florida.


Experience of Your Car Accident Injury Lawyer Is Important

Experience matters.

Just like Specialization gives your attorney added value to handle your car accident case in the most efficient and assertive matter, experience also matters.

Just like medical school, a general doctor can do many things to help his patients.  But the general practitioner of law may lack the deep and vast knowledge necessary to effectively handle a case that needs special care and understanding.

Personal injury cases require a vast knowledge of: 

Civil Procedure

The best attorneys keep learning all they can to become even better lawyers.  

The amount of experience your attorney has allows them to avoid problems and efficiently and effectively guide you through the gauntlet of challenges that face each car accident injury client.

Matt Powell has over 3 decades of experience trying personal injury cases.

Make sure your attorney knows how to try a case if the insurance company treats you unfairly.  Because if your attorney does not have the experience required to try a case, they may talk you into settling your case for less than its full and fair value, because they don’t have the experience to try your case. 

#43 What You Want To Ask And Know Before You Hire An Attorney


Now that you have read these inside secrets about injury cases, you understand that the best attorney to help you obtain a full and fair recovery is one who has the tools, skill, and reputation to take your case all the way to trial.  

The good news is that attorneys who try a lot of injury cases actually settle their cases more easily than you would think.  

Your attorney’s reputation for trying cases and recovering more than the policy limits is going to cause the insurance adjusters to offer fair compensation much sooner.  

They know that in the past when they treated our clients shabbily, in the long run it cost their insurance company a lot more money.  


The Insurance Companies know that by paying fair value, or the policy limits, they can avoid a lot of risk and stress to themselves and their insured.  They avoid having to pay insurance defense lawyers to defend the case and they avoid the court costs spent on trying a case.  They can avoid having to pay money above their policy limits, and they can avoid paying our attorney fees should we win with an offer of judgment.  They can avoid all sorts of litigation costs when they ultimately are sued by their insured for bad faith in not paying you when they could have and should have paid your claim.  They avoid repercussions with the Florida Department of Insurance.  

Careful selection of your lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to obtaining a fair recovery for your injuries.

#44 Let MattLaw™ Help You From The Start Because It Costs The Same


Don’t wait another day.  Hire your lawyer immediately, because you get the added value of good advice early in your case.

Hire MattLaw now so we can handle the calls from the insurance company.

Because it costs the exact same if you hire us today or 3 months from now, why not accept the added benefits of our advice, assistance, guidance and experience sooner rather than later.

Let us help guide you through this process.

Waiting only hurts the value of your case.


#45 Questions To Ask Any Lawyer Before You Hire Them

Almost all attorneys who do injury work will work for you on a contingency fee basis.  

This means they only get paid if they make a recovery for you.  And contingency fees are regulated by the Florida Bar.  The Bar says that a fee of 1/3 of the recovery is reasonable, and a fee of 40% is reasonable if your lawyer has to file suit and the defendant denies liability (which they do in 99% of all cases).  So what is important to consider is that if the fees are the same, what other factors should you think about if the cost is the same?  You should consider hiring a lawyer with the most skill and talent.  Even though the fee is the same from one lawyer to the next, the size of your recovery may vary greatly!  By hiring a board certified civil trial lawyer who goes to trial often may result in a faster settlement for more money.  Or a quicker lawsuit seeking the full value of your losses, not just losses capped at the policy limits.

Here are a list of questions you should ask any attorney you are considering hiring:

  1. Are you Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a Civil Trial specialist?
  2. Are you also Board Certified by the National Association of Trial Lawyers as a civil trial lawyer?
  3. Are you also Board Certified by the National Association of Trial Lawyers as a specialist in civil pre-trial work?
  4. How many personal injury jury trials have you taken all the way to a verdict?
  5. When was the last time you tried a case like mine all the way to verdict?
  6. Do you teach other lawyers about how to succeed in jury trials?

The bottom line is there are many complexities in every personal injury case.  

It is a very specialized area of law.  Personal injury law mixes law and medicine, it mixes law and strategy, and court procedures as well.  Every case is unique, and every client is unique.  The best way to protect yourself is to seek the advice of an attorney who is very familiar with all of the aspects of your specific case.  Hiring an attorney is like selecting a person to be on your team.  Your end result or outcome may vary greatly based upon the legal services you are provided.  This is why experience is so important.  Find a lawyer who knows and can explain the law, the medicine and the science of accident cases.  One who enjoys trying cases when required to do so.  One who understands insurance bad faith and the multitude of things that must be done to give you the best chance of making a full recovery when the policy limits are not enough to make up for all of your injuries and damages.  One who is compassionate about helping people.

#46 What Is Insurance Bad Faith


Bad faith is very simple.  It is when an insurance company puts their financial interests ahead of their insured.  

When an insurance company fails to act fairly towards their insured, that is bad faith.  

Sadly, insurance bad faith is rampant.  Why?  Because the law and the system favors insurance companies who act in bad faith!  

How and why?  Well, the insurance companies know that in 99% of cases they can act in bad faith and the injured person and their attorney won’t do a thing about it.  

That is right.  

The insurance companies know which law firms hardly ever file a suit.  

The insurance companies keep track of the lawyers who settle their cases for less than the full value.


Because the insurance companies keep track of which attorneys actually file suit and go all the way to trial, they pay the Board Certified lawyers faster and usually more money, to avoid getting caught for insurance bad faith.  

When a claim is brought by a lawyer who has the reputation of fighting all the way, the insurance companies do not use their bad faith tricks.

They know when the Board Certified Trial Lawyer obtains a judgment higher than the policy limits, they are probably going to have to pay Bad Faith money in excess of the insurance limits.

Insurance companies are experts at measuring Risk.

They know which lawyers rarely file suit and/or won’t go all the way to trial.

Why should any insurance company pay a penny more than they can get away with.

Factors Insurance Companies Use to decide the value of any claim include:

  • Who the injured party’s attorney is
    • Does the attorney file suit
    • Does the attorney turn down the policy limits at mediation when they are below the value of the case
    • Does the attorney go to trial
    • Does the attorney have the tools and resources to hire good experts
    • Has this attorney tried this type of case before and gotten good results
    • Is the attorney Board Certified by the Florida Bar
    • Is the attorney Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy
    • Does the attorney teach other trial lawyers how to try a case
    • Does the attorney understand the medicine and science of the case

Experience of Your Lawyer Matters

As a former Insurance Defense Lawyer, I know that insurance companies keep track of which lawyers are able to take a case all the way through a jury trial. 
Nobody wants to go to trial!  And the best way to stay out of a courtroom is to have an experienced board certified civil trial lawyer on your side.  This is because the insurance company does not want to take the risk of paying more than their policy limits on any case.  And when they know your lawyer will take your case to trial unless it is paid fully, fairly and promptly, the insurance company is at risk.

No insurance adjuster wants to have to explain to their boss why they did not offer full and fair money on your case, and let MattLaw™ file a lawsuit that cost them much more than their policy limits.
The bottom line is if you want a full and fair settlement for your car accident injuries, hire a trial lawyer.  

If you have more questions, call MattLaw™ today for a free consultation about your Florida car accident injury case.



Matt Powell, Esq.
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer