Show Me the Money
How Do I Get Paid For My Injures After A Car Accident

After a Car Crash, there are many things you have to worry about.  

Who will fix my car
Who will pay my wages
Can I get a rental car
Who will pay my medical bills
What if I can never work again

All of these issues are frustrating to deal with to say the least.

When you hire a lawyer, the lawyer’s job is to take over worrying about protecting your legal rights.
One of your rights is to collect the full measure of damages caused by the negligent parties.
This is what I call “Collectability.”  At MattLaw™ we have the experience and know how to find out all of the insurance coverages available to pay you for your damages.

You should focus your time and energy on your health.  You should be trying to go to the right doctors to get the right treatments and tests to protect your health.  While you are taking care of yourself and your family, we will be investigating the insurance aspects of your case.
Please read this guide to make sure you know the right questions to ask any personal injury lawyer about what your case is worth.

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Show Me The $$$

The danger is, many people are victimized in a car accident with a reckless driver without any insurance. 

This is why Uninsured Motorist insurance is so important to have.

Here is where the value of an experienced personal injury attorney comes into play. 
At MattLaw™ we fully investigate any and all avenues of insurance and or collectability in every case. 

We aim to find out the insurance policy limits early in the case.  

Usually within 35 days we know the amount of insurance available to compensate you for your car accident.  

We have the ability to force the insurance companies to tell us the policy limits.  

The insurance companies don’t like to tell us the policy limits, 

but they have to.  

If you have a car accident injury case and don’t know the total amount of insurance available to compensate you in your case, you need to find out quickly.

#20 How Do I Prove My Damages After A Car Accident
The Third Element of Every Personal Injury Car Accident Case


DAMAGES – INJURIES.  Damages are the measurement of the losses caused by the at fault person or company.  

For example, if a driver’s negligence causes a crash, that driver is clearly at fault, and that bad driver may have millions of dollars of insurance but if there are no injuries, losses, or damages, then the value of the case is very small or nonexistent.    

But if the person at fault caused catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death, then the serious injuries and damages will require very serious money to compensate for those losses.

So, how are the damages measured in a personal injury car accident case? 

Well, the simple answer is, damages are mostly based upon what your medical records say.  

Compare the following examples and see how the values are different based upon the medical records:

Scenario One: 

There is a serious crash, 

the person takes an ambulance to the hospital.  

The Emergency Department examines the injured person and finds they have a bad case of cervical sprain and strain.  

The Emergency Department sends the person home and tells them to follow up with their primary care physician.  

The next day they go to their primary care physician who sees them and in the chart writes “whiplash,” prescribes muscle relaxers, and says come back in 6 weeks if you don’t feel better.

Scenario Two:

The same serious crash as scenario one above.  

The injured person goes to the Emergency Department in an ambulance, and is told the same thing.  

But instead of going to their primary care doctor, they seek out a medical specialist.  

They see a doctor who specializes and treats accident victims all the time.  

Doctors such as: 

Orthopedic Surgeons 





The medical specialist orders: 

physical therapy, 

Digital Motion X-Ray, 

MRI of the neck 

MRI of  the low back, 

The medical specialist prescribes muscle relaxers.  

They tell the patient to attend physical therapy 3 times a week for one month, then twice a week for a month then once a week for a month, then twice a month. 

The specialized tests such as 

Your Digital Motion X-Ray shows the ligaments have been torn and stretched in your cervical spine.

Your MRI shows two herniated discs:

One in your neck, and 

One in your lumbar spine.  

After treatment over the course of weeks or months, your spinal pains do not get better.

Your doctor sends you to another specialist who performs spinal injections.  Maybe the injections don’t work, and your doctors try radio frequency ablation to burn the pain generating nerves in your spine.

Or, if the injections and nerve burning do not stop your back and neck pain, surgery may be your only option.

Your specialized doctors write in your medical records that you can’t work any more because of the injuries caused by your car crash.

Your specialized doctors write in your medical records what future medical care you will need over the rest of your life.

In these two scenarios, which injured person has the higher value settlement case?  

Which injured person is going to be better off from a health standpoint?  

Obviously the medical documentation in the second case makes it easy for an insurance company to justify paying much more than the first case.  

And the person in the second scenario has the benefit of great medical care and treatments.  They have a much better chance of better spinal health due to the care provided by the medical providers.  


When it come time for an insurance company, or even a jury to evaluate the value of your car accident injury claim, 

your medical records will be vitally important for the insurance company to easily understand your injuries, 

and why you needed the care you received, 

as well as understanding the amount of expensive medical care you will need in the future to keep you as healthy as possible.

The Bottom Line regarding the Value of your Car Accident Injury Case is:

What is the bottom line regarding determining the value of my car accident case?

Since there are 3 variables:

Collectability, and

And we assign a level to each of the 3 variables, which are:

Medium, and

And if any one of the three elements is missing from the equation, then you don’t have a case we can accept.

But assuming if there is some liability of fault, some damages, and some collectability, we will find it.
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