Top 27 Kids’ Safety Blogs for Parents (Lawyer-Approved)

This article features the top 27 kids’ safety blogs for parents that have been vetted and approved by a Nationally Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the Florida Bar.

One of the hardest challenges parents face is keeping their children safe and out of harm’s way throughout their lives, whether it be while driving, playing at the park, or even at school.

That is why I compiled this exclusive list of lawyer-approved kids’ safety blogs for parents to use as a resource and learn more about what they can do to keep their families safe.

There are tons of websites on the internet that discuss kids’ safety, so I went through them and carefully handpicked the best sites that are jam-packed with great, accurate information on ensuring kids’ safety.

These blogs are top-notch and bring a lot to the tableCheck out these blogs for yourself and bookmark them for future reference. Share this great resource with your friends and family with children to keep them safe as well.



Congratulations to the TOP 27 Lawyer-Approved Kids’ Safety Blogs!


safekids kids safety

SafeKids is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep kids safe from preventable , unintentional injuries – the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Their blog features a plethora of detailed information about things families can do to protect their children from serious injuries. The site is well-organized, making it easy to find specific information about unique situations you and your family may experience.

Check out the blog here:



parents kids safety

Parents is a fun blog with a wide variety of information about children and family life. You will find great tips about how to balance the essentials of life like nutrition, mental health, fitness, and all the subtle intricacies of being a parent. From child safety and parenting, to relationship advice and dinner ideas, is packed with actionable nuggets of information that can enrich your family’s life and make parenting easier.

Check out the blog here:


kids health kids safety

KidsHealth is an awesome resource that provides high-level medical knowledge about kids and teens in an easy-to-understand way. It feels like you’re consulting with a doctor, just without all the fancy medical jargon. This website covers topics related to child development, psychology, health, and behavior for children of all ages and stages in life. KidsHealth is a great tool parents can use to gain insight and perspective on issues growing children may experience throughout life.

Check out the blog here:



parenting kids safety is a one-stop shop for moms and moms-to-be. The blog has a lot to offer when it comes to family planning, pregnancy, fertility, and keeping babies happy and healthy. They offer awesome information about nutritious foods for children, how to handle kids’ behavior as they grow, treating common ailments like stomach flu, and much more. also offers subscriptions to great magazines to help you stay up to date on the latest and greatest details about protecting children.

Check out the blog here:



focus on the family kids safety

Focus on the Family is a wonderful blog whose mission is to help families thrive. They have a great parenting section with information about understanding your kids’ unique personality, how birth order affects their life, determining age-appropriate chores, and the importance of teaching children self-control. This blog is a great tool families can use to increase the strength and quality of their family relationships.

Check out the blog here:



cdc kids safety

The CDC dedicates an entire section of their website for high-quality information about how to prevent child injuries. They understand the crucial role parents and loved ones play in protecting children. Their blog is easy to navigate and includes sections about burn prevention, road traffic safety, drowning prevention, sports safety, and fall prevention. Each category features tons of subcategories that allow you to drill deep into specific topics and gain a lot of useful, applicable knowledge.

Check out the blog here:



healthy children kids safety is one of the only child safety blogs backed by over 66,000 pediatricians who are committed to keeping kids safe and healthy. Their mission is to ensure children are able to attain and maintain the best physical, mental, and social well-being throughout their childhood and into young adulthood. This website is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to learning about science and medicine that can protect your children.

Check out the blog here:



pta kids safety is an amazing resource that strives to give parents the tools and information they need to ensure their children realize success in education and in life at large. This blog empowers families and educators to be active in the school system and focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment for kids to thrive in. Through strong family and community engagement, is fervently dedicated to helping kids experience success while ensuring they are healthy, happy, and safe.

Check out the blog here:



connect safely kids safety

While many blogs focus on keeping kids safe in the physical world, ConnectSafely’s mission is to keep kids safe in the digital world. This blog features many amazing articles about what parents and adults can do to protect children when they are online. Whether kids are interacting with each other on social media or surfing the internet doing homework, it’s extremely important for parents to be aware of the potential risks associated with children and internet use. 

Check out the blog here:



childrens defense fund kids safety is a child advocacy group that helps kids overcome poverty, protects them from neglect or abuse, and gives them access to education and health care. Their blog provides information about why health care for children is important and how keeping kids’ healthy affects their ability to learn, grow, and thrive. Data about national budgets, government, and policies related to child care and safety are also available and broken down into easy-to-understand explanations.

Check out the blog here:



family education kids safety is a fantastic blog that aims to make raising children easier for moms, dads, and guardians alike to ensure kids grow up healthy and happy. Having been on the web over two decades, is the longest-standing parenting blog on the internet – so they really know their stuff! From advice on how to help kids with homework, to choosing the right toys for kids, this blog is packed with a ton of valuable information geared toward enriching children’s lives. 

Check out the blog here:



baby center kids safety

If you need information on motherhood, pregnancy, and everything baby, will deliver. Their mission is to ease the burden of bearing children and help your baby quickly achieve an optimal level of health and happiness. This blog has a massive global presence, so it features a lot of unique and diverse information related to children and parenting. In addition to information-focused articles, this website also features extremely relatable content and stories written by moms with young children.  

Check out the blog here:



boys town kids safety focuses on providing at-risk children with the love, support, and education they need to succeed. They have a fantastic blog with lots of detailed guides for parents about how to handle children’s sleep issues, helping kids develop communication skills, dealing with self-harm, and how to approach teen dating. has been helping kids for over 100 years – a whole century of knowledge and support at your fingertips!

Check out the blog here:


child trends kids safety

ChildTrends is an institution dedicated to improving children’s lives through conducting and providing research about the effect of public policies on families to policy makers. This data has resulted in an increase in awareness of kids and the issues they face which has caused a massive improvement in the quality of social services available for families. Their website features databanks and research with tons of information about kids of all ages and stages. It’s truly an indispensable resource for parents and families alike.

Check out the blog here:


thebump kids safety deserves a congratulatory fist bump for their reservoir of rich, applicable information for parents and soon-to-be-parents. They break down their categories by pregnancy phase, which makes it easy to locate and learn about highly specific information for unique situations. Another great feature of this website is their library of pregnancy symptoms you can surf through easily for quick, on-demand answers. has a lively community you can connect with and an annual “best of baby” list with the best products.

Check out the blog here:


childrenssafetynetwork kids safety

The Children’s Safety Network is a first-class organization whose mission is to tackle child injury and violence prevention while assisting with maternal and child health. They empower states and jurisdictions to strengthen their ability to reduce injury-related deaths, emergency visits, and hospitalization of children. Their blog features categories with state-specific injury-prevention information, as well as sections about different injury topics like playground safety, suicide prevention, and teen driving safety.

Check out the blog here:


kidsindanger kids safety

Kids in Danger is a non-profit organization that fights vigorously to protect children by improving children’s product safety. This blog was started by a family who sadly lost their son to a portable crib that had been recalled five years prior. News about the danger of the crib never reached the family, so they started this organization to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to other families. Many people are unaware of the dangers children’s products can pose. Parents should reference before buying products.

Check out the blog here:


onsafety kids safety

The US Product Safety Commission was designed to protect the public from unreasonable deaths or risk of injuries from consumer products. Their goal is to keep families and children safe from products that can pose threats like a fire, electrical or mechanical hazards. The OnSafety blog exists to spread the Commission’s safety messages and improve communication between the public, businesses, government entities and federal agencies. It hosts tons of safety information about products ranging from snow blowers to fidget spinners.

Check out the blog here:


safety kids safety, as you’ve probably guessed, is ALL about safety – weather safety, fire safety, family safety, home security, and much more. This blog features a plethora of interesting articles of things you wouldn’t normally think of like backpack safety tips, scholarship application safety, safe sprinkler systems for your yard, and how to buy safe dishwashers for your home. This is quite a gem of a blog families should use to find resources, tools, and information to keep your children safe both inside and outside of your home.

Check out the blog here:


safety ed kids safety aims to provide the public with knowledge about safety and safety products they can use to protect their families. There are a ton of potential dangers we take for granted and some we are oblivious to. This blog has a powerful database of information about maintaining a safe home, work, and living environment that can prevent needless, accidental injuries in children and death. From extensive guides and tips, to detail-rich checklists you can use to inspect your home, SafetyED takes safety seriously.

Check out the blog here:


thefamilyconservancy kids safety is on a mission to help families and children realize a lifetime of success together. They are truly committed to doing everything in their power to give kids an even playing field throughout their growth and development. The blog has tons of parenting resources about interesting topics like how to say goodbye when leaving your child at daycare, social and emotional development broken down by specific ages, and teaching your child tolerance.

Check out the blog here:


family focus blog kids safety is a popular homegrown parenting resource created by a mom for moms, dads, and families alike. This blog features a plethora of wonderful information about natural remedies for children when they are under the weather, as well as the best eco-friendly cleaning products to use in your home that are safe. The site is nicely organized into categories like travel, lifestyle, parenting, food, and more with information that will enrich your family’s life.

Check out the blog here:

23. 24/

247moms kids safety

24/ is dedicated to connecting moms together on their motherhood journey to support, inspire, and learn from one another. The creators and cultivators of this blog truly understand the adventure associated with being a parent and all the highs and lows in between. Any family or parent with children would benefit from bookmarking this blog and using it as a resource to greatly increase the quality of their children’s lives.

Check out the blog here:


the parent report kids safety is a blog extension of a radio program developed to help support parents while raising kids. They have interviewed hundreds of experts including scientists, pediatricians, psychologists, and educators to discuss a wide range of topics from child health to family dynamics. This resource guide has a substantial amount of breadth and depth regarding all kinds of unique situations so you will find many gems to apply to life.

Check out the blog here:


baby safety zone kids safety is on a mission to provide parents and caregivers with the tools they need to ensure their children’s first few years are filled with happiness, healthiness, and safety. They focus on baby product safety and their blog is an information hub with articles about how to keep kids safe in the kitchen, crib safety, winter clothing for cold climates, hidden furniture hazards in your home, and much more.

Check out the blog here:


safety mom kids safety is a nationally-recognized voice on the safety and wellbeing of children, as well as healthy living. From newborns to teenagers, Safety Mom is always looking for ways to look out for children’s wellbeing such as common issues kids face, environmental toxins, sports injuries, healthy eating, and cyberbullying. Alison, founder of the blog, has worked with big names in the kids’ industry like Johnson & Johnson, ADT Security Systems, and Evenflo – she’s a safety expert!

Check out the blog here:


health world education kids safety is a nonprofit organization on a mission to support and promote education about kids’ health and safety around the world. They offer lesson plans and curriculums that meet national standards to teach information about kids’ safety and health in the classroom. Their blog is filled with many unique articles ranging from the impact flowers have on kids’ health, to back-to-school hand-washing guides for kids.

Check out the blog here:

Thank you for taking steps to learn about what we can all do to ensure kids’ safety. Share this great resource with your friends and family with children to keep them safe as well.

In the comments below, tell us what your favorite kids’ safety blogs are or any great articles you’ve come across about kids’ safety.

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