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How Much Your Personal Injury Case is Worth (Step-by-Step)

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What Determines the Value of Your Injury Claim There are three important factors that establish how much your personal injury case is worth. My name is Matt Powell and I am a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the Florida Bar. I have helped car accident victims for over 35 years. I like to compare …

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What 10/20 Insurance Policy Means

What Policy Means What insurance policy limits mean and how it’s distributed People ask me what the policy limits are and what 10/20 means. Ten/twenty means there is $10k of coverage to pay each person in an accident. There is also a combined total of $20k of coverage. The first number, 10, is the maximum …

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Gaps in Treatment

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Gaps in Treatment How gaps in treatment destroy your health and your case The most common mistake people make during their personal injury case is allowing gaps in their medical treatment. A gap in treatment is a period of time where a patient misses treatment with one of their health care providers. For example, missing …

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How Personal Injury Mediation Works (Step-by-Step)

Two People Shaking Hands in an Office to represent How Personal Injury Mediation Works

What is Mediation? Mediation is a process where each side of a case agrees to use a neutral third party to try to resolve the claim without going to trial. It’s important to know how personal injury mediation works. Mediation can be voluntary between two parties, but most often mediation is mandatory before a judge …

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Types of MRI Machines: Recumbent VS Upright

Types of MRI Machines The differences in a Recumbent and Upright MRI Machine Recumbent MRI Machine Not all types of MRI machines are the same. The most common MRI machine people are familiar with called the recumbent MRI machine where you down inside of it. Recumbent MRI machines range from point five to point three …

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How MRI Machines Work: A Simple Explanation

How MRI Machines Work The Four Major Parts of MRI Machines After an accident or trauma, sometimes injuries that do not show up on x-rays show up on MRI machines. While broken bones appear on x-rays, damage to muscles and soft tissue appear on MRI studies. It is extremely important to consult with a doctor …

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Insurance Companies Secrets

insurance company secrets in a vault

5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know How to protect you and your family’s rights when dealing with insurance companies Ever notice how cute and harmless the Geico gecko seems? How soothing the AllState guy, Dennis Haysbert’s, voice sounds? Or the pleasant thoughts that fill your mind when hearing something compared to “a …

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